About us

CAD-CAM Solutions was founded in 2012 for the purpose of providing design and manufacturing services in the automotive industry and mechanical engineering.

We are a family-type company with a stable, well-coordinated team, which acquires its good reputation through references from satisfied customers solely.

In order to offer you the highest possible quality of services proposed, we try to minimize the total input costs in the form of a low-cost company, and we invest financial means in our services development, which we are constantly expanding according to your requirements.

Our goal is always the same for each of you - to offer to all of you the providers of services they really know, do not artificially increase the price, do not promise the impossible and miracles while you wait, respect agreed deadlines and agreements, propose effective and comprehensive solutions, create customer technical support and complete projects to the successful end.

Our company future and development is in the hands of our satisfied customers, but also of you, do not hesitate to use one of our services in the form of non-binding inquiry, because we know that even with a small camera and a small team you can shoot a big and successful film.

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